Amethyst Quartz Facial Rollers

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Amethyst Facial Roller


The perfect facial massage tool to use on its own or with your favourite essential oil for your face and / or moisturiser. 

Using a quartz roller as part of a daily face and self care ritual improves blood circulation, leaving skin glowing and soothed. 


Suggested Self Care Ritual 


  1. Refrigerate your roller for 10-30mins (optional)
  2. Apply your face oil or moisturizer
  3. Start by using your roller from the centre of the face, with soft, light pressure, in an upward and outward direction (never back & forth)
  4. Next, use the smaller end of your roller around the temples and between the eyes
  5. Clean and dry your roller and store in a cool place.


Caring For Your Roller: Make sure to regularly wash your amethyst roller after use with gentle soap and store in a cool, dry place.

Note: Due to the natural formations in the quartz stones, each roller will be unique. Therefore color may vary slightly from the picture above.