Black Tourmaline Heart Pendant

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Black Tourmaline Heart


This gorgeous Black Tourmaline Heart Pendant is perfect for everyday wear and protection. Never leave home without your Black Tourmaline.

Black Tourmaline -  protects against cell phones, electromagnetic smog, radiation, psychic attack, spells, and ill wishing and negative energies of all kinds. It grounds energy and increases physical vitality, dispersing tension, and stress. Clearing negative thoughts. Promotes a laid back attitude and objective neutrality with clear rational thought processes. It encourages a positive attitude no matter what the circumstances and stimulates altruism and practical creativity in healing. It defends against debilitating disease, strengthens the immune system, treats dyslexia and arthritis, provides pain relief and realigns the spinal column. Tourmaline cleanses, purifies and transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration. It grounds spiritual energy , clears and balances all the chakras and form as a protective shield around the body.


Size: from top of bale to tip of heart 3.5cm x 2.5cm wide