Himalayan Clear Quartz Point B

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Himalayan Quartz Point



It is the purest quartz on Mother Earth!

It comes from high up in the Himalayas, in the realm and the protection of the yogis and the saints!

This quartz prepares, grounds, clears, empowers, enlightens, transmits, receives, activates, aligns and directs!

Himalayan Quartz crystal assists those seeking elevated awareness. A personal high frequency energy exchange is felt when coming into contact with them. Quartz powerfully mirrors every aspect of ones personality, guiding away from confusion and chaos back to order, balance and symmetry. They connect us with out inner Self, teaching and awakening us to our Highest Truth.

Quartz from the Himalayas prohibit programming and do not permit themselves to be used as tools. Instead a sense of appreciation, respect and submission is required to activate their purpose to awaken, teach and initiate mankind. We have to develop wisdom to listen, hear and follow their guidance.

She also has a sprinkling of fairy dust on her. 



Size: 9.5cm long x 3.5cm wide approx