Luxury Bath Salt Blend

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Enjoy a luxurious and detoxifying bath with only the highest quality ingredients in this beautiful Luxury Bath Salt Blend.

This blend includes only four ingredients:

Pharmaceutical Grade EPSOM SALT (to relax the tension and aching of muscles), Pure Himalayan Pink Salt (to detoxify body and mind), Natural Dead Sea Mineral Salt (to soothe your body while softening and repairing your skin) and Natural Australian Bentonite Clay. This Luxurious blend will target all your needs in one bath.

We’ve left the Luxury Bath Salt Blend unscented so it doesn’t clash with any candle scents. You can, however, add a couple of drops of essential oil into your bath if you desire.

Below are just some of the benefits of using this Bath Salt Blend:
1. Relaxing bath soak helps relieve stress.
2. Soothe the Skin.
3. Aids recovery after strenuous exercise.
4. Helps flush toxins out.
5. Helps alleviate dry skin conditions.
6. Helps alleviate eczema and skin psoriasis.
7. Can help with sleeplessness.
8. Can help reduce muscle pain.
9. Can help reduce back and neck pain.
10. Aids in stress and headache recovery.

Now, we know accidents can happen in the bathroom, so we selected a plastic jar to contain the bath salts so that if knocked over, you don’t have to worry about it smashing and we’re proud to say that the plastic jar is Australian Made and fully recyclable!