Palo Santo Clearing Spray

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Palo Santo Clearing Spray  100ml


Made in Australia using distilled water, sustainably harvested Palo Santo Essential Oil (Bursera Graveolens).

From Peru,. Palo Santo (Holy Wood) has been used for centuries by the Inca's and people of the Andes. It is perfect for cleansing one's self of negative energy after smuding a room or house to provide clearing protection, longevity and wisdom. 

Carry one in your bag, keep one on your desk at work and always have one on hand at home!  Perfect quick cleanse and pick me up!  


Palo Santo clearing spray can be used for clearing residual energies/entities where smudge sticks can not be used. This is ideal after "clearing lost entities" from your home / office to ensure that they don't return.  Also great for cleaning crystals to remove attached energies.