Rainbow Aura Cluster 98

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Rainbow Aura Cluster


This is an absolutely stunning cluster full of color and rainbows. Incredible energy in your hands and so much beauty for the eyes to behold. 

Rainbow Aura (Titanium Quartz) - is the most powerful and vibrationally intense material of all the coated and treated Quartz. Energetically, the Titanium projects strength, mental acuity and physical power. The currents of Titanium Quartz can make you more focused, more confident, more aware of your environment, more amused by life in general and more ready to cope with whatever needs your attention. You are able to take on greater responsibility without feeling them to be a burden. You may also notice an activation of your mental abilities, especially the analytical, rational side, as well as an enhancement of your sense of fun. You can receive a great deal of vitality from this stone. It can stimulate humour and relaxation, helping you take life more lightly. Visually, the many facetted crystals used in these pieces catch and reflect light in all directions, and the iridescent Titanium surfaces shimmer and change colour as they send the light in different angles. The rich hues of blues, red, gold, magenta and green in these crystals are a delight to the eye and a resonant activator of the Rainbow body. 


Size: 6cm long x 4.5cm wide x 4.5cm tall