Ruby & Fuschite Tumbled Stones

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Ruby & Fuschite Tumbled Stones 


These are truly gorgeous stones and the energy from them is amazing. Awesome to hold and beautiful to look at! 

Ruby & Fuchsite

The energies of Ruby Fuchsite combined the courage, strength and passion for which Ruby is known with the calming, nourishing, heart based currents of Fuchsite. It is both empowering and strengthening to the emotional body. It fosters a strong sense of overall health and well-being in regard to both the emotional and physical self. It can be an aid to overcoming illness related to dysfunctional emotional patterns. It encourages one to face the future with an attitude of trust and confidence. It dispels sluggish energies from the heart, encouraging the body to clear arterial blockages. It also helps with carpal tunnel syndrome.


Size: approx 3cm