Ruby & Zoisite Chip Bracelet

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Ruby & Zoisite Chip Bracelet

Healing, Happiness, Appreciation, Abundance, Vitality, Growth 

When Ruby and Zoisite are combined in a single stone, the root. heart and third-eye chakras are strongly stimulated and harmonized. This creates the potential for a truly magical manifestation of one's inner and outer development. Zoisite with Ruby energizes the body and creates a sense of well-being. It increases the intensity of the heart's yearning and facilitates the dramatic opening of the heart chakra, which has the capacity to change one's whole experience to one of rapturous engagement with the world. This stone can bring about increased intuitive abilities, whereby one simply 'knows' things without having to work them through logically. All these awakenings blend together into one feeling-it is as if one had been living as a sort of echo of one's true, full self, but now that fullness has finally arrived.

Zoisite with Ruby works, on lower levels of intensity, to harmonize one's relationships with others, increasing empathy and compassion. It supports the body in realizing its optimal state of health and aids in the vibrational treatment of such ailments as depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, fainting spells, sluggish thyroid and exhaustion of the adrenals. It can assist one in becoming aware of suppressed grief and releasing it through allowing the grief to be expressed. Zoisite with Ruby increases the potency of one's energy field, strengthening the etheric body and cleansing the astral body of negative attachments. It is excellent for relieving boredom and involving oneself with other people in friendship and service. 

Excellent for immune imbalances and cancers as it helps activate the bodys defenses and healing mechanisms. Zoisite is helpful for restoring vitality after radiation, chemotherapy or pharmaceutical treatments.