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Smudge Stick Large

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White Sage Smudge Stick Large 9 inches



White Sage Smudge Stick Large 9″ Grown and sustainably harvested in California by a Native American’s.


Beware of cheap Mexican white sage which does not have the same clearing abilities.

** Our Smudge Sticks are Chemical Free**

Our Smudge Sticks are sustainably wild harvested and are not commercially grown. 



Does your home feel "yukky" or not quite right? Does the energy feel thick or dull? Do you seem to be having a few arguments lately? Not sleeping? Do you have "visitors" that you would prefer to not visit you? Your home or office space may well need cleansing. This very simple yet highly effective ritual leaves your home feeling warm and welcoming.


Smudging is one of the best ways to cleanse your home, office space, yourself and crystals of negative or stagnant energy. It is also helpful in removing unwanted entities. It is simple and effective.


Smudging, done correctly, can bring physical, spiritual and emotional balance back to your home / office space. Leaving your home / office feeling peaceful, relaxed, warm, inviting and all energies flowing freely and beautiful again.


More Information on "How to Smudge Your Home" can be found at our Facebook Page: Enchanted Haven. 


Size: 23cm (9 inches) approx.