Healing Testimonials

Good morning Vicki 
I just wanted to thank you so much for my energy healing, I felt so good after it.
People around me were saying you "sound and look so happy, calm and relaxed", and that is exactly how I felt, Calm and Relaxed.
I wanted to say thank u and that I was glad to finally have met u cause I had been putting it off.
You are a beautiful, caring, loving, person.
I felt at ease and very comfortable with you as soon as you greeted me at your front door.
You helped me in so many ways and I can't thank you enough for that xo


Hi Vicki,

I just want to say a big Thank you for yesterday.
You are a beautiful gifted person who has helped me in many ways.
I feel a lot lighter and relaxed after my energy healing.


Let me begin by letting you all know that from the very moment I met Vicki, I felt her compassion and kind spirit.

I have never met anyone with such endearing qualities and the willingness to help and heal the people that find her.

I highly recommend Vicki, her services and her guidance.

Vicki's continued support, love and empathy will lead you to a brighter light.




Hi Vicki,

Just wanted to let everyone know how fantastic you are. Having known you now since the beginning of the year, you have helped me immensely in soooooo many ways. You have always been a message away and you have always been there to heal, help and guide! Vicki is brilliant at what she does and her kindness and healing are limitless.......can't thank you ever enough for everything you have ever done for me and my family! My journey is now well on its way, and you have been a huge part of that.




I have been seeing Vicki for that past year for various different problems such as stress, pains, headaches, tiredness, and insecurity issues. As soon as I walk in to Vicki's Haven, I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. Vicki has told me various things that are happening in my life before I even knew about it myself, such as becoming an aunty to my niece! When Vicki lays me down on her healing table I can feel all the negative energy flowing out of my body.

After my dog had passed Vicki put me up on her healing table and about halfway through the healing I felt my dog jumping onto my lap as if she was telling me she was still here.

On another more recent visit to Vicki I seen through my closed eyes, as if the room had suddenly lit up, at the end of the session Vicki had asked me if I had seen the light and that it was covering the top half of my body.

After each session with Vicki I feel like a new person from the person I walked in as, like a weight has lifted and I have no worries in the world and can never wipe the smile off my face.

I have complete confidence in Vicki's abilities and will continue to recommend Vicki. 





 Course Testimonials



Whether, like me, you are seeking a more holistic approach to personal well-being or perhaps you have more experience and are approaching the course with a view to helping others in a professional capacity, this course is a gem!  The day takes place in a friendly, inclusive atmosphere and provides a great deal of high value content along with a level of insight and a degree of authenticity you generally only ever find with people for whom their area of expertise is a genuine vocation. Delivered with Vicki’s characteristic generosity and perceptiveness, this course represents an experience that will continue to resonate in positive ways!





After travelling from NSW to Vicki's Crystal Healing course, I was warmly greeted into Vicki's healing space, it was divine and set the ambience for what was in store.

Vicki held our small bunch close and amazing how we all shared things in common, that was really meant to be.

Vicki was very thorough in her teachings and am so glad I made the choice to invest in this course as it's totally worth it.

I walked away with more than I thought and Vicki's added personal touches throughout the day makes me crave other exciting courses on offer.

Thankyou for my fabulous journey.

Love and hugs




I attended the Crystal healing workshop conducted by Vicki last year in October. At this time I was going through a difficult period of my life and had done no inner healing before.

Not knowing what to expect, I was apprehensive at first but soon found the course very beneficial to my situation, looking deep inside, finding answers that I could not have found on my own.

Vicki was very professional throughout, being mindful of everyone’s needs towards their healing.

The course was amazing. I have learnt soo much from it. It helped me love and care for myself and help others.

 I feel soo lucky and blessed to meet Vicki. She helped me put my life back on track, start caring, loving and have a positive outlook on life again.

I strongly recommend the Crystal Energy Healing Workshop to anyone who is seeking to free themselves from the past and to create the life they want … freedom and life without fear …… Such a great experiance!  <3




"I booked into the course as a little self indulgence, to take some 'me time' and pursue a personal interest, explore a new part of my spiritual journey. But I walked away from the course with a glorious energy and a great new friend!

I can't believe the flow of energy I felt that day, it's too hard to describe and if I tried, some might call me crazy!! But to me it was very real and it left me buzzing. My partner for the day was a random match, but we were definitely drawn to each other from opposite ends of the class and we couldn't have been more similar!

The course is technically informative and also includes lots of hands on. Suited my learning style, and I got more than a certificate at the end, I gained a skill that I have since used again and again.

If you are on your own spiritual journey, I'd recommend this course. It will give you a sense of your openness and place. It will also help you to centre and calm yourself and your chakras.

Thanks Vicki for a beautifully structured course, conducted in a safe environment and for the energy you shared.




 I had the pleasure of sitting the Crystal Energy Healers course with Vicki and a group of like minded beautiful people, and wow was I in for a pleasant surprise. The courses run seldom, and are entirely focussed on your development of healing techniques and harnessing energies we have long forgotten. I was gobsmacked when I felt the (now) familiar breeze between my fingers (as I feel now writing this) and the heat which then follows, coming from my own hands. To now, months later be able to sit, even with little practice in between, and feel the energy flowing between my hands (and resistance) when I move my hands towards each other is wonderful (and a great cure for cold hands, and passing time in meetings). I sit from time to time in my hectic schedule and tune in to the same energy and can feel my hands begin to tingle and wake up, such an amazing feeling, and I have this to owe to Vicki. I am truly grateful for the experience and will put it into practice (when I'm called to help people) as part of my contribution to the universe to give back, this time round. Namaste,




I attended Vicki's 'Crystal Energy Healers course' for the main purpose of learning something new & meeting new people.


What I noticed immediately was how relaxing the environment especially not really knowing what to expect.  The day was jam packed with learning many things, what was beneficial for me was learning about the chakras and how to heal chakras that may be blocked. Vicki was absolutely fantastic and I found her teaching techniques were very clear and easy to follow.


This course was extremely beneficial for me and I regularly use the information pack Vicki kindly gave us all".


 Truly thankful .....

Belinda – Geelong



 Recently I was given the opportunity to take part in a Crystal Energy Healing course run by Vicki. It truly was the most amazing experience with the most wonderful people. Made many dear friends. Feel so very blessed with what I have learnt and thoroughly recommend this course to anyone considering it. Not only is Vicki a natural healer and brilliant teacher and guide, but she is patient, understanding and encouraging. It was a wonderful experience!




Thank you Vicki for running such a fantastic course on Crystal Energy Healing and sharing your vast knowledge and wisdom with us all.  It was quite a full-on day of learning and I was put at ease with the warm and welcoming environment we were given to learn in.  I felt comfortable with the "not knowing" and was grateful for the genuine support and care that all the students showed each other.  It was a great day and a lot was achieved and learned and a number of kindred spirits were introduced to each other and are now life long friends.  Happy healing to all!  




I attended Vicki's Crystal Energy Healing course last year and it has become a foundation for things that I've gone on to learn. It was a powerful course that opened my eyes to the magic of crystals and the healing power they possess. Also the energy healing is something I experienced on the day as I arrived at the course with a bad sciatic nerve pain. Vicki did a healing on me and I can say to this day it hasn't returned with any intensity. Thanks Vicki for helping me on my spiritual journey xo I highly recommend going along if you are considering it.






Over the last year or two I have had so much going on in my life, it felt like my life had been turned upside down. I found myself at a crossroads with many decisions and felt so confused. I am a true believer that people present to you when you need them the most, I came across Vicki on Facebook and asked her to do a private reading for me. The reading she did was so accurate, the things she knew about me and my situation was spot on. Everything she said would happen has so far! The reading helped me to be confident in my future and was so comforting! I have had more readings done from Vicki since which have never failed to help guide me. I am so appreciative of Vicki for sharing her gift with me!

Jodie - South Australia



My private card reading was not only accurate but also very uplifting. I found the cards resonated perfectly with my life situation, wants and desires. I would HIGHLY recommend Enchanted Haven to anyone looking for direction, purpose or merely confirmation on their journey. Thank you Enchanted Haven

Rebecca - Queensland



Thank you for my reading yesterday Vicki. You were spot on again. You have empowered me to do what I need to do.

 Angela - Melbourne



 Today I was so blessed to have a reading with Vicki. From the very beginning I felt completely at ease. The beautiful and accurate messages from my grandmother were so comforting. The exact way I have been feeling was exactly represented in my reading and even after many questions asked the same answer was given. I feel so much lighter and powerful with the knowing that my angels are all around me. The beautiful energy that Vicki gave me throughout the reading was palpable over the phone and I felt the connection to the universe. Thank you to the amazing and kind spirited Vicki for being a true and honest pathway for us to connect to the universe. 

Heather - Pakenham Upper