White Sage & Lavender Clearing Spray

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White Sage & Lavender Clearing Spray  100ml


This Spray is fantastic for those in between Smudging the House times. For Cleansing yourself if you are feeling yukky! Perfect for the Workplace and much easier to use than a smudge stick. 

Carry one in your bag, keep one on your desk at work and always have one on hand at home!  Perfect quick cleanse and pick me up!  


White Sage clearing spray can be used for clearing residual energies where smudge sticks can not be used. Perfect for cleansing ones self after smudging a room or house to provide clearing, protection, longevity & wisdom. Also great for cleaning crystals to remove attached energies.

This product is made right here and is all Australian made except for the Californian white sage essential oil which comes from the USA.