Who is Enchanted Haven?


Here at Enchanted Haven, we are a family business. That doesn’t mean you are getting an inferior product or service. In fact, it means the complete opposite. It means you are going to get, good old fashioned customer service, over the internet.

We personally, answer every email and FB question. We personally hand pick and pack with care and love your orders. They are not processed on some production line. The key here, is love, care and quality!

Every product that you buy is picked and tested by myself before it even makes it to the website for you to purchase, it has to make it through my selection process. If it’s not good enough for me and my family, then it’s definitely NOT good enough for yours.  So you can rest assured that you are getting quality products.

If you purchase an item which there are multiples of, like our beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps, or some Tumbled Stones, I personally pick them for you, intuitively!

All crystals are cleansed by me, before they leave here.

Enchanted Haven aims to give you a pleasurable shopping experience, Online.

Who is Enchanted Haven?

Enchanted Haven was born in the middle of the night one night, when I couldn’t sleep. I felt there was a need for a place where like minded people could go. There was a void that needed filling.  So I started a Facebook Page and that has grown over the past couple of years. Support has been amazing.

I was at an expo and was appalled at the way people were being “taken for a ride”. I came home that night and decided that something needed to be done. There was a need for “an honest, affordable, crystal and alternative” website, where people could  go 24/7 and buy the crystals they wanted and all other alternative items they needed, at a place they could trust, and at affordable prices. Enchanted Haven Online Store was born. We are still in our infancy and will continue to grow.

We cater for the complete Mind, Body, Soul experience. A One Stop Shop so to speak.

We also offer many services as well, including Healings, Distance Healings, Home Cleansings, Detox Foot Spa Treatments and Workshops all which you can learn more about or make appointments for, by using the tabs across the top of the page. 

So please take your time and enjoy your experience here at Enchanted Haven.

If you enjoy your experience, please share us with your friends.

If you experience a problem, then please tell us immediately! We do listen!